The Sand Spit and the Bay

Is the Estuary Filling With Blown Sand?

The Blowouts Are Stable




This paper was prepared for “Talk About the Bay”, a program sponsored by the Ocean Outfall Group et al at Vets Hall on 9-2-06. It was very well received! However, a few points needed clarification.

I received many questions about the maps on page 2. The vertical lines tangent to the west side of the Rock are parallels to the 120 degrees 52 minutes 30 seconds longitude line, and lie at longitude 120  52  25.96. For this study, positions of the western (ocean side) and eastern (Bay side) of the Sand Spit were measured in millimeters east of those longitude lines.

In addition to the beetle on page 5 I inserted a picture of a very camouflaged moth at the bottom of page 7. This insect drew my attention by darting upward into the wind every few minutes. It always landed next to a leaf or twig, next to which it was almost impossible to see while immobile.

Dr. Chipping analogized that the upwelling at the foot of a slide is like the squishing action that occurs when we step in mud. He reminded me that not all sites were identical, and introduced me to the concept of “rotational landslides”.

                                                          Curt Beebe



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